Affiliate Program

What is an affiliate program?

    An affiliate is a website that drives customers to The Pack Design and in return earns a commission on any confirmed sale made by those customers. This can be done with product listings, banner ads, cookies or even just a simple text link. You can pick which method will work best for your website, and which you think your visitors will be most likely to click on.

    Why sign up with The Pack Design?

    Joining our affiliate program is fast, free and offers a number of benefits.

    • Daily/Weekly stock feed 
    • 30 day cookie 
    • You will get our most up to date seasonal banners 
    • All you need to do is purchase the item of choice and we will do the rest
    • Fast delivery to all customers world wide 

    We work closely with all our affiliate members, and we are always happy to provide extra content or promotional tools to any affiliate that needs it.

    How to apply?

    It’s simple we will require an email from the affiliate with their website, Instagram, Facebook pages. 
    Also contact information so we can speak to you before we approve the application.